Remodels & Additions

If you remodel your home right now, you can expect a job that is cheaper, faster, and of higher quality than at any time in recent history. Here’s why…

Cheaper… Prices are at rock bottom. Overstocked inventory led to cost-cutting among competing suppliers of everything from drywall to granite countertops.

Faster… Manpower is readily available. A job that would have taken three months in 2006, when the construction workforce was stretched thin, might be done in as little as three weeks today.

Better… Quality is at a peak. Widespread layoffs have eliminated less-experienced workers, leaving only the finest, most highly skilled craftsmen in the field.

And More Rewarding Too… Right now, interest rates are much lower than inflation, making money in the bank a losing proposition. Why not put your money in an investment you can enjoy? Or, take out a home-improvement loan-- now available at the lowest rates in history.

According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, a growing number of savvy homeowners are taking advantage of the “Buyers Market” in home improvement. So, logic tells you the supply/ demand pendulum will soon swing in the other direction.

Think how much you’d regret missing this “golden opportunity” for you and your family to enjoy the home of your dreams.

Sample Projects

KitchenAdd a deluxe "Summer Kitchen" to your patio
Glass RoomExpand your living space
Summer KitchenUpgrade to a beautifully, elaborate kitchen


See our work. . .

Extremely knowledgable

“After the hurricanes, my glass room leaked so badly it needed to be completely rebuilt. So I thought I’d re-do my kitchen, which had become boring after 25 years, at the same time.

I knew Nova Builders had built some sharp homes in the area. So I consulted Vaughn LaVigne--I unloaded all my indecisions and concerns on him.

Vaughn put it all together in real ‘WOW’ fashion. Long live Nova Builders and my beautiful new rooms!”

Frances W., Banyan Lakes

"Vaughn is so honest and accommodating. I wanted a wall built, and he warned me that it wouldn’t look good. But I insisted. When it was done, I could see Vaughn was right. It looked terrible. He removed it without complaint.”

Sandy W., NorthTree

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