Thank you note

"Many Europeans would like to have a house here, not just a house, but a custom home. But they are afraid of foreign rules, different customs, and the many horror stories they hear." - Ruth Zwieb"

"We never saw the house being built, because we were in Switzerland. I remember coming around the corner and I kept saying, 'Here comes our house!'. We love it….Vaughn is my best friend in the United States." - Hans Zwieb

Retired from an International Silk Apparel Corporation

"Vaughn deserved every penny he got. We gained a friend, and have a great house!" - Renee Clancy

"My favorite part of the house is the detail work. The molding, the latches, and such that make the house seem truly custom. So many of my friends are also building homes, and when it is all over they paid a lot more for what looks like a track home." - Dr. James Clancy

Dr. James Clancy - Podiatric Surgeon

"We had a so much flexibility through the whole building process. We wanted to add columns, and Vaughn gave us great ideas on how to accomplish it in a cost effective manner." - Mary Sue Patchett

"I remember when we were trying to pick out tile. We were getting stressed with the whole decision process. Vaughn sensed it, and suggested we take a lunch break. It was perfect timing, exactly what we needed." - Jim Patchett

Mary Sue Patchett - Marketing Executive, Jim Patchett - Pilot

"Vaughn was so honest. If I asked him a question he told us if he could do it, and how much it would cost. I wanted a wall built, and Vaughn warned me that it would not look good. Darryl and I went to Buffalo, and when we came back the wall was in. Vaughn was right, it looked terrible. We had it removed with no complaints." - Sandy Widmaier

"It really says something about a builder when you're still good friends after several years. Most people do not have that, and can not even imagine it." - Darryl Widmaier

Luxury Home Management

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